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IM in love with the scene [entries|friends|calendar]

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lol i rarely update [Fri]
[ mood | so magnificant ]

yes. i rarely update this thing since I feel no one reads it anyone
its just me rantinggg about random stuff that no one dont seem to care about
and if you do or did care greattttttttttttt
but i use this account for communities mostly
I MAY update from time to time
for like unusual days like 7/7/07 OR like for my birthday when I turn a new age

but if I strike an interest to you
you can follow me on twitter
at http://twitter.com/shayesocialite

i update a lot, im quite humorous and i speak whats on my mind sometimes I have 5 thoughts back to back that I feel I need to post on twitter ha.  or maybe i need to call the @fashionpolice to file a report by someone breaking the law in fashion. Or maybe I saw something funny on tv or in public
but yea
read enjoy its me

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04:05:06 07/08/09 [Wed]
[ mood | content ]

hi i was apart of this history


im 22 [Fri]
[ mood | happy ]

happy birthday to me!!!!

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[ mood | DRUNKIE for 08 ]

 i am 21
what the hell
happy birthday to me <3

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i have not been feeling like myself lately
i am not happy even though i pretend to be
seems like everything has changed around me and i dont like it
i need a new "it" house to be at because yea the current hangout is not so much fun as it use to be.
i need to stop losing things....*cough*phone

i need a new wardrobe an dsomeone to make me over
i havent been feeling pretty lately? i dont know, and i just dont look like myself anymore?
wtfuck happened


[ mood | fucking crazy hot mood ]


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[ mood | nobai ]

paris in jail
and for people who has comments for me go ahead.
judge me for what i stand on.
you'll get pwnt.


[ mood | tired of this place ]

so im really beginning to hate my job working at hollister. Well pretty much retail in general where 30830830 article of clothes are folded in all these weird ways, when they can be easily put on hangers to make things much easier....fuck.

But yea, again the whole growing up thing. I'm just growing out of those clothes, that whole image, and brand, I don't know. And im so getting tired of the same damn music that plays over and over again....

I want to get another job, maybe in retail but I have no clue where really or what. I guess I'll think of somewhere in Greensboro.

Speaking of Greensboro. Oh the joy of it. I can't wait to go back. again. It's nothing in Winston except some weird lames. Except for my bebe who I need to molest soon. But I don't know, its like I go to Hanes Mall and see the same ignorant kids walking around cussing and trying to be all "tough" at the mall. I go to KFC to get hit on by stupid guys who was trying to hit on some 12 year old girls......

And that too, I don't think I'll find anyone in Winston to date because it seems..hopeless. Ish.

ISHSHS im just tired of this place.

But yea....going indepth with the weird lames, that seem to want to befriend me or tell me about their personal life issues..yea some girl at work broke it down to me about having a relationship problem with her ex-girlfriend.............yeah...and how something about she's talking to this guy the ex-girlfriend use to date? I don't know but I was like um.......k I don't know you and you're telling me all this. ok.

but yea. man. i need some excitiement in my life.
maybe i need a drink or two.
but not too many. I don't wanna end up like Lohan..heheheheh


lohan is fucking up.


that is all.

[ mood | oh shits ]

the internet has corrupted life.

it's 4am. and i am up wide awake on the internet.
hmmph. what is wrong with this picture.

ive been thinking a lot lately of how I just want to start over fresh. How I want to get rid of everything I own. Ship it away. Revamp everything.

My wardrobe tells a story of times of where I tried to impress others or felt like I need to be apart of some new trend that others partake it. Or a time where I tried to fit in. My style has changed so much I don't even know what I like anymore.

With people criticism and judgements. Im just like fuck it. I'm going to do what I want.

blazh. when will I have that strenghth to do so.

Relationships. I think Im destined to be alone. And for some reason I'm fine with that. With all these issues people have now with their companion. I'm like fuck it. i like random love em and leave hookups. heh.
no strings attached. Because I get so bored with people easily. ANd I feel I have to have a change.
Something that can be harmful but as well as good for me to go through.

I go through friends. And I go through crushes, so I would probably go through boys. hm.


and I'm tired of working at a place where my personality is suppose to be surpressed to fit this so called image that I'm beginning to think sucks. And this image is ruining the cute clothes they do produce. eh.

i can't wait til. i dont know.
hmm school start back?
when I get a big paycheck.
fa' sho bitches.
when I can go on a mega shopping spree.


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